Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) is the paperless exchange of business information via Electronic Data Interchange and Internet related technologies. In recent times E Commerce emerged as one of the most important features of Internet. E-Commerce is a process that involves conducting of business via Internet with the help of computers that are linked each other forming a network. Through E Commerce we can do Internet shopping, online stocking, bond transactions, download and sell software, documents, graphics, music, etc.

One of the biggest perks of building an eCommerce website or adding an online store to your website is that a large number of possibilities that are possible. You might start your online store with a very simple set up of just one product with a handful of variations but quickly decide that you want to grow.

The reason why the web design for ecommerce is segregated from the rest is that unlike its counterparts, this specific one is meant to magnetize customers, furnish them with details about each product exhibited on it and at the same time, compare the different options available under the same category in terms of size, price, material, and such others. Sky woruld company is best ecommerce design company in Kolkata.

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A robust eCommerce website serves as the foundation of your online retail business, and Outer Box understands the importance of utilizing the latest technology to maximize the profitability of your online store. Our eCommerce solutions offer the best in standard features and functionality while remaining agile and completely customizable. Our team can develop ground-up custom functionality, integrate with ERP systems, pull data from multiple sources, and tailor a solution that matches your brand and eCommerce goals. There are no limits to what your eCommerce website an achieve.

The core objective of any online store development is to give the users an experience equivalent to that of a physical store as well as provide the administrator with easy management facilities.

Building an Ecommerce Website

According to market experts, besides running a physical shop, selling your products and services via an online store will be the best way of making sure that you are at the top of the game! The eCommerce website will introduce your products and services to the larger audience and help you figure out whether or not, the things you are selling comply with the market anticipations.

This infers that designing an ecommerce site in the present-day inescapably qualifies as an indispensable and every retailer should have one for their companies. As opposed to common belief, creating an ecommerce website will not require you to be a tech-wise; instead, you can simply seek assistance from a professional developer. When you do this, thoroughly explain the goals of your company to make sure the website helps to achieve your business goals. Hope you enjoyed our post on what is ecommerce web design and why you need an ecommerce website. Sky woruld company is best ecommerce design company in Kolkata.

Following are the benefits of e-commerce:

  • Reduce Production Cost by Replacing paper-based business operations
  • Better Information System with Faster data retrieval rate
  • Better Management System within organization as it have central database for different departments of the company
  • Better Management System across different organizations due to data exchanges and transactions between different organizations from suppliers to customers
  • Better Business Strategies as it extends the business to cover more customers

E-commerce web design and development presents some unique challenges that you won’t always face with other types of web design. For sites that exist primarily to sell products, it’s very easy to look at sales and have a measuring stick to use when evaluating the success of the website. However, there are any number of factors that can influence the success of an e-commerce site, and identifying areas of strength and weakness is not always so simple.

In this article we’ll look at nine specific factors that are generally present on well-designed e-commerce websites.

1. Ease of Navigation

When attempting to sell products to visitors, the first requirement for selling a product is that the shopper has to be able to find specifically what he or she is looking for. Effective navigation is important to any website, but it’s especially critical for e-commerce sites. Lost visitors will result in lost sales, so every effort should be made to have a site with clear, logical navigation.

2. Branded

Many shoppers are influenced in their purchasing decisions by the brand, and so the need to establish a strong brand is import for both online and offline selling. In the cases of stores that sell online as well as in physical locations, the website is only a part of an overall branding strategy. In these cases the website should work well with other branding efforts of the company so that customers feel comfortable on the website.

3. The Design Style Matches the Products

Like any other type of website, e-commerce sites can have countless different design styles. However, when designing an e-commerce site it’s important to consider the style of the products that will be available on the site. This is a little bit more relevant for smaller stores with a specific type of product and for websites of a particular brand or company that has established a certain identity.

4. Showcases the Most Popular Products

Many e-commerce sites make an effort to showcase items that are likely to be of interest to visitors, obviously with the intention of helping visitors to find something that they will buy. A number of sites are using a large area on the homepage that they can use to promote current sales, new product lines, or whatever will generate interest. On theses sites, this area will often be updated frequently, or it may include some type of slideshow.

5. Promotes Related Products

One of the keys to a successful e-commerce store is the promotion of related products that the customer may also be interested in. Sometimes you will see related products listed and shown on item detail pages, and other times you will see suggestions being made after adding an item to your cart. Promoting the right products that buyers are likely to be interested in is key regardless of the approach that is used.

6. Effective, Accurate Product Photos

Selling online is different than selling in a physical store because the buyer cannot touch the product or see it in person before making a buying decision (unless they have seen it somewhere else). Providing quality photos that accurately portray the product can help to overcome this challenge and can make the buying decision easier on visitors.

important of web Design in E-commerce website Development

The first important step for growing your business is having a great website that can help to execute a good marketing strategy. But having a functional website is just not enough as another more vital aspect Web Design works for your business for having an effective online presence.
The success of your website depends on several factors. Besides an appealing product, effective marketing and an excellent customer service you need a great web design too. The following points have to be considered to emphasize your online presence with your innovative web design. Sky woruld company is best ecommerce design company in Kolkata.


Ensure that your website is not cluttered, confusing or chaotic so that users can exactly find what they are looking for. Your website may be full of useful information but if users can’t find what they want, they can just click on the ‘back’  button and navigate to another website. For holding a customer’ attention your navigation should be as inherent as possible. Sky woruld is a very trusted company in Kolkata.


Even in this age internet users are cautious while shopping online. Big giants like Amazon, Otto and Zalando enjoy trust and confidence of users but there are other small online sellers who have to work incessantly to sell their products. A professional web design is thus important as users evaluate the authenticity of a company by its web design.


Investing in a good web design for your website becomes mandatory as your competitors might already be doing it. To attract potential customers your web design should look professional with all information clearly stated. If your site gives an amateurish and sloppy look customers will have no qualms shifting on to your competitor’s site.

Uniformity and Clarity

Uniformity is something that is essential for a good website. To give your users a good experience, ensure that you use the same style, format and typeface on all the pages of the site. Users will feel a sense of uniformity while navigating giving them a streamlined and clear experience. One important aim of web design is to have the least of distractions on your website as even a small discrepancy can result to a loss of leads.

Recognition Value Matching Your Brand

As an online marketer you want to be noticed. Do this by selecting a neutral design using unique elements and colorful accents that will be remembered by customers. Make sure your designs match your brand products. Introspect on certain questions, What promises are you making to your customers? What impression do your design have on the shoppers? Answers to such questions will allow you to design your website in the most proficient manner.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The content published on your site is influenced by web design elements that in turn affect Search Engine Optimization or how search engine spider’s index and crawl your site. SEO is a critical issue that cannot be sidelined otherwise you will be fighting an uphill battle. You should familiarize yourself about the working of SEO, as besides the published content the whole web design can directly or indirectly affect SEO within itself. It is  very affordable and Sky woruld company is best ecommerce design company in Kolkata.

What is ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is a set of optimization techniques that enable your website to rank higher in search results. SEO for ecommerce enables you to appear in more relevant search results, which enables you to drive more traffic, leads, and sales to grow your store online.

That’s good because he could easily find and buy what he was looking for. But, the bad thing is – he didn’t buy that trekking gear from your site, because he couldn’t see your site in the search results on Google. In fact, your shop wasn’t even on the first page results to be noticed by that customer.

And that happens because of SEO. Your competitor who appears on the first page of the search results has done their SEO that’s why they gain the top positions in search engines and hence attract customers and sell their products to them.

SEO helps increase the organic search traffic to your website. This way SEO connects your website to the prospective customers who are searching online for the products your website offers.

Every shop needs customers who buy from that shop. In traditional brick and mortar establishments, the numbers of customers were limited to a specific area.

The competition was also very less because of the very few shops selling the same or similar products in the vicinity.

But, with eCommerce, a business can sell its products globally and could have millions of customers.

But, at the same time competition is also very high because of the thousands of other eCommerce shops selling similar or same products.

Why an e-commerce Business Need SEO the Most?

Though every website on the internet is built for people to visit it and SEO does that for those websites. But, eCommerce websites need it more than any other website.

Because they have relatively high competition in terms of driving traffic, growing up their customer database and increasing sales. That’s how eCommerce businesses survive and grow.

every other eCommerce business grew because of SEO. I know these are big global brands, but they also started small.

Even the smaller eCommerce companies need SEO to stay ahead of their competition. SEO not helps gain top ranks for a website but also builds trust among customers, prospects, and vendors.

With SEO, you can target your customers by determining what terms they use while searching for the products you offer. You can target them not only locally, but also internationally. That’s what SEO can do for your businesses – connect you to your customers and win their trust.

How SEO Works?

As you know that SEO is a marketing technique that helps to grow your business by making it visible to your customers when they look for the products you sell online.

But, as I said earlier SEO is a complex process and it requires a strategy to get results from it. So, first, you need to set SMART objectives. SMART is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Once you have set your smart objectives you can put your efforts and focus on things to achieve those objectives through SEO. Sky world company provided Affordable SEO services. This is a trusted SEO service company in Kolkata and Mumbai.

What are the benefits of e-commerce SEO?


There are countless benefits to setting up an e-commerce SEO strategy. Here are the top 3 benefits to e-commerce SEO:

Improving your user experience

One of Google’s key ranking factors is providing users with a good user experience. If your site is targeting the right keywords for your target audience and answering queries that website visitors might have, then Google sees that as a positive experience and your ranking will consequently go up.
But if users are clicking your site and immediately clicking away, Google will see that as a negative experience and it will hurt your ranking.  Sky world company is provided by affordable SEO service.

Expanding your reach

E-commerce SEO helps your web store receive more traffic, which consequently expands your brand’s reach. Once a user lands on your website organically, you can later reach out to that person again with paid retargeting campaigns. SEO remarketing is a highly effective practice.

Increasing brand awareness

You can optimize your e-commerce site with no marketing advertisement costs. If you’re optimizing your SEO rankings, why not try to aim to get your site on Google’s answer box. Being on Google’s answer box can bring in more clicks, higher website traffic and increased brand awareness

Importance of eCommerce SEO

SEO helps build brand awareness

The cheapest way to promote your brand is through SEO. You get traffic to your site, and most of this traffic is potential new clients. If you are not visible on the net, then getting new clients is going to be hard. Being visible is the best way to increase your chances of getting new clients to your business.

SEO makes you more visible online

Whenever a person searches for content online, they will most likely click on the sites that appear on the first pages. If you are not on the first page, then there are chances that you will not get your content read. To help with this, SEO puts you at the top of search results. This way, you get more traffic to your site. More traffic means you get more revenue. This, therefore, makes it essential that you work on your SEO. . Sky world company become a integral part in the service provided by SEO.

It is cost-effective

If you build on your SEO, then you will not have to pay other sites to market your content since you are easily available. More people get to see you and bring revenue to you. The cost of improving your SEO score is cheaper than paying to get website traffic. Many at times, the traffic you get from paying will not even be worth the money you spend. Unpaid traffic is considered organic or free, and this is what most sites aim to reach.  It is possible to attract organic traffic by having SEO friendly content. It is very Affordable SEO service provided by Sky world company and Mumbai and Kolkata. It is very trusted SEO service company .

The effects are long-lasting

Once you have SEO friendly content on your site, then the effects will be felt for a while. You will keep appearing at the top of searches for the longest time. This is not something that will go after a short time. Since you have content that people want to see, you will keep getting traffic to your site on different content you put up. While you may have to keep paying to have your content advertised on other websites, SEO does not work this way. The traffic flow will keep growing steadily.

This company complete web and SEO service and IT solution company in Kolkata and Mumbai.


In the era of commercial liberalisation, e commerce has become important more than ever. More to it, because of the pandemic, e commerce sector has grew even stronger, because of the trend and necessity of the common mass to get service online. Sky woruld company provides you with this opportunity to grow your business online. E commerce SEO and design gives you the perfect means to be able to reach out to large mass via internet to make your business successful and ensure growth.  sky woruld company offers its services, at a very affordable price bracket, contact to the under link, to grow your business in the current challenging circumstances.

This company provided by a great service of SEO and design. This has been a guide to the Benefits of SEO and web design. Here we have discussed the various benefits of SEO and design which are very useful in growing your traffic and improving your rankings.

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